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Where is Taste of Christmas held?

Tobacco Dock, London. For details on how to get there click here.

How do I buy tickets?
Tickets may be purchased in advance online or by calling the ticket hotline. Some Tickets may also be available for purchase on the door. 

How do I get there?
Tobacco Dock is easily accessible by London Overground.  The closest stations are Wapping & Shadwell. To Find out more, click here.

What are Crowns?

Crowns are the official dining currency of Taste of Christmas. £1 = 1 Crown. To find out more about where to purchase Crowns and how to use them at the show, click here.

Does everyone accept Crowns?

Crowns are used to buy food and drinks from all restaurants and bars. Please note all exhibitors and small producers accept cash.

Can I use Pound Sterling (£) throughout the site?

You can only use £s at exhibitor stands. Restaurants and bars only accept Crowns.

Will I be able to exchange any spare Crowns at the end of the event?

Crowns are non-refundable, so make sure you spend every last one!

How many Crowns would you recommend buying per person?

We’d advise you begin with approximately 30 Crowns, this allows you to take advantage of the restaurants and bars on offer. There is a Crown Banks on site, as well as Crown sellers roaming the site, so there is always the opportunity to purchase more.

How much are each of the dishes at the restaurants?

The average dish at Taste of Christmas is 4-6 Crowns (£4-6).

Where can I see when the chefs are performing in the Taste Theatre?

Once the chef timetables for 2014 are announced, they will be displayed on the site so that you can plan your trip. 

Will the event be affected by unfortunate weather circumstances?

Unless advised by the local authority, the event will go ahead despite any weather circumstances. So sun, snow, rain or shine, Taste will thrive no matter what! 

Is the event indoors or outdoors?

The event has both indoor and outdoor areas, therefore visitors are advised to dress accordingly. 

Who are the organisers of Taste of Christmas?

Taste of Christmas is run by Taste Festivals Ltd (an IMG company). Taste Festivals Ltd runs Taste events across the globe. For more information, visit our website here.

Can I exhibit at Taste of Christmas?

For information about exhibiting at the event, view our exhibiting pages here.

How do I find the most up to date information on Taste of Christmas?

Sign up to our newsletter here to be first to hear about latest news and offers to Taste of Christmas. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebook

How do I sign up to the newsletter?

To sign up, click here.

What other Taste events are there?

There are currently 19 Taste Festivals worldwide. For more information, click here.

I have a press enquiry, who do I contact?

House PR will answer any press enquiries. For more information, click here.

Do children under 8 require a ticket to attend?

No, but proof of identification may be required.

Are there any age limits?

No! Everyone and anyone is welcome.

Are dogs allowed at the event?

No, dogs other than guide dogs are not permitted in the event

Are there car-parking facilities on site?

Tobacco Dock facilitates parking available for 500 cars. For more information on how to get there, click here.

Can I bring my own food and/or drink?

No food or drink will be permitted into the site premises.

Are pets allowed?

Only guide dogs will be permitted on site. No pets allowed.

Are there storage facilities on site?

There will be a cloakroom upon entry at the ‘Shop and Drop’ stand. It is £1 per item, with proceeds going to charity.

Can I leave the venue and come back in?

Yes. You will need to ask for a stamp out on exit.

Is smoking permitted on site?

No smoking will be allowed at the show. You will need to venture outside Tobacco Dock to use the designated smoking bays.

My ticket hasn’t arrived yet – who do I contact?

If your ticket still hasn’t arrived 7 days prior to the event, please contact our ticket hotline. Tickets are also able to be reprinted at the enquiries desk at the Box Office, located at the entrance of the show.

Is the site wheelchair friendly?

Yes, Tobacco Dock is an accessible venue and there are 3 lifts that allow disabled access to the building. 

Will there be ATM facilities on site?

No, the closest ATM machine is at the corner shop located at the top of Wapping Lane (1 minute walk from the Pennington Street entrance). Although all Crown banks and roaming crown sellers also take card.

If you have a query which has not yet been answered, please contact a member of the Taste team here.