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What are Crowns?

Crowns* are the official dining currency of Taste of Christmas.

If you wish to eat or drink from the restaurants and bars at Taste, you will need to buy some Crowns as they do not accept cash or card.

You can purchase Crowns when you buy your tickets online, or from the Crown bank at the show. Also, look out for the roaming Crown sellers in pink t-shirts.

Please note all exhibitors and small producers accept cash.

What is a Crown worth, and how many should I buy?

£1 = 1 Crown.

The average dish at Taste of Christmas is 4-6 Crowns (£4-6). Servings are tapas-sized - large enough for the chefs to display their skills and ingredients, but small enough to let you try more than a few dishes.

*Please note that Crowns are not refundable, so be sure to use up every last one! Crowns contain barcodes that can be traced when used. Taste of Christmas is not responsible for lost Crowns - unfortunately lost Crowns cannot be replaced.

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